Exhibitors Confirmed (August) for 2018 Canadian Guitar Shows

Exhibitors Confirmed (August) for 2018 Canadian Guitar Shows


Each month, more Guitar Show Exhibitors confirm their booths for our 2018 Canadian Guitar Show Events.

Confirmed in August: Hannah Guitars, Burlesk Custom Guitars, Labyrinth Guitarworks, R Guitars and Guitar OR.


Hannah Guitars

 Calgary, Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
Straps, accessories and pedal boards. New for 2019: check out the X5 Pedal Board at the Hannah Guitars booth!


Burlesk Custom Guitars

 Calgary Guitar Show Exhibitor
A guitar player and enthusiast since 1983 James was lead guitar for local Calgary band, Hoodwink from 1989 to 1993. James hot-rodded his first guitar in 1987 when I realized that none of the "off the shelf" axes suited his needs or, his budget. James designed his first “scratch” built guitar in 1994 and has been building and performing custom mod’s since.


Labyrinth Guitarworks

 Calgary, Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
Guitars and basses individually crafted in Sylvan Lake, AB. Also offering set-ups and luthier services!


R Guitars

 Calgary Guitar Show Exhibitor
Luthiery, Guitar Setup, Repair & Music Lessons


Guitar OR

 Calgary Guitar Show Exhibitor
Making your stringed instrument the best for you! We offer a full line of Luthier services from the basic to the anything but basic. From acoustic and electric guitars to basses, banjos and mandolins. Any number of issues could be holding you back from your instrument playing its absolute best. If it has strings, we've worked on it.
Website: https://www.guitaror.ca/
Email: info@guitaror.ca
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/guitaror/
Phone: 403-253-9006


Nanolog Audio Inc.

 Calgary, Edmonton Guitar Show Exhibitor
Lab coats by day, classic guitar tones by night. Nanolog Audio is the strange product of carbon molecular electronics and the desire for new and interesting sounds. Check out the WaveFunction Overdrive, a wave shaper overdrive pedal with a classic but distinctive voice and design, and a lot of tonal flexibility.